Crawford Spine Center

  • Research and Education

    As a worldwide leader in the treatment of spinal disorders, education is a priority of our team. Our experts offer educational seminars and community-based lectures for healthcare professionals and families. Medical fellows from the United States and abroad are trained at the center in clinical and surgical management of pediatric spinal disorders.

    Our program takes part in research to help us understand the best ways to treat spine problems in children worldwide.  This provides your child access to the latest treatment and devices. Examples of our research include:

    • New techniques, such as non-fusion techniques, to correct spinal deformities
    • Outcomes for minimal-access surgery (performed through smaller incisions) as compared with conventional spinal surgery
    • Long-term outcomes for patients who have had surgery for scoliosis
    • Best way to treat spinal deformities that occur early in life and continue to worsen
    • Dysplastic scoliosis in patients with neurofibromatosis – when does it occur and why
  • Cutting-Edge Research

    Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children's.

    Learn how our research has led to breakthrough findings and treatments.

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