• Current Services

    The Center for Telehealth works with a variety of providers to deliver services through partnerships between Cincinnati Children's, patient, and outside institutions.  This includes telemedicine clinics for child psychiatry patients in remote locations and online case conferences with our Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute.  

    TeleEcho - Cardiology

    Site: Multiple
    Category: Diagnostics
    Description: This is a remote Tele- Echocardiography service, which enables a hospital or clinic to transmit stored or live echocardiographic images to a Cincinnati Children's pediatric cardiologist for interpretation.

    TeleEEG - Neurology

    Site: Kettering
    Category: Diagnostics
    Description: This enables a hospital with EEG technicians to conduct an EEG study on a child, and have it interpreted remotely by a Cincinnati Children's pediatric neurologist.

    Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

    Site: Multiple
    Category: Case Conferencing
    Description: Cincinnati Children's nationally ranked Cancer and Blood Disease Institute provides remote telemedicine case conferences and other training via video in the U.S. and across the globe. The focus of the telemedicine case conferences are on provider-to-provide consultations and second opinions on complex cases.

    eVisit- Gastroenterology

    Site: Multiple Cincinnati Children's departments
    Category: eVisit
    Description: eVisits are an alternative to an in-person follow-up for specific conditions, and is a questionnaire-driven visit from MyChart. eVisits allow for quality patient management, and saves the family time when a child is not having complications.

    eConsult- Multiple of Specialties

    Site: Patients that live in certain states, or live internationally, are not able to access eConsults due to certain restrictive laws and regulations.
    Category: eConsult
    Description: An eConsult is an electronic consultation, or an electronic second opinion, performed by a Cincinnati Children's physician. A Cincinnati Children's physician will review the medical records, testing, and imaging to provide a consultation to a local physician from a distance.

    TelePsychiatry- Telemedicine Clinic

    Site: Multiple-Alliance Coal
    Category: Telemedicine Clinic
    Description: Through telemedicine clinics, Child Psychiatry sees patients at multiple sites throughout the country. This improves mental healthcare access for patients in rural regions of the United States.

    Trauma- Case Conference Consultation

    Site: Multiple
    Category: Case Conference
    : Cincinnati Children's trauma surgeons participate in case review, quality review, and education at sites where pediatric surgical expertise is not available locally. The purpose of the program is to provide education and learning to sites that provide pediatric trauma care

    NICU Specialty Consultations- Cardiology, Genetics, Neurology, Neonatal, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations, Orthopaedics, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, Human Genetics, and Urology

    Site: Kettering Medical Center
    Category: Telemedicine Encounter
    Description: Cincinnati Children's specialists provide non-urgent telemedicine consultations to patients in the Kettering Medical Center's NICU. The goal of the program is to supplement the existing Cincinnati Children's neonatal presence at KMC, and expand patient access to Cincinnati Children's specialists.

    Sport Medicine - Telemedicine Clinic

    Site: Hughes High School
    Category: Telemedicine Encounter
    Description: Sports Medicine team physicians provide Telemedicine consultations to supplement existing athletic training and team physician services; the goal of the program is to provide student athletes with prompt consultation and adequate follow-up care.

    TelePIRC / ED - Psychiatry Assessments

    Site: Within Cincinnati Children's Campuses (Base to Liberty / Liberty to Base)
    Category: Telemedicine Encounter
    Description: The Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC) uses telemedicine to complete psychiatric assessments between the Cincinnati Children's Main and Liberty Township locations. Telemedicine allows for prompt patient evaluation and placement. Eventually, we would like to spread the program to outside emergency departments within the region.

    ROP - Ophthalmology Exams

    Site: St. Elizabeth
    Category: Diagnostics
    Description: This allows for NICU staff to send images from the retina of premature infants to Cincinnati Children's ophthalmologists for interpretation and early identification of potential eye disease.

    Orthopaedic Abnormal Gait Video Clinic- Orthopaedics

    Site: St. Claire Family Medicine - Morehead, KY
    Category: TeleHealth Encounter
    Description: Patients in rural Kentucky are able to access a Cincinnati Children's Orthopedist using telemedicine for abnormal gait evaluations. Gait abnormalities in children are common, and generally correct themselves over time; however some gait abnormalities require early medical intervention, and at times, can be indicative of serious disorders. The goal of the clinic is to improve access to patients who would generally travel hours to see a provider for a fairly routine and short clinic visit.

    Critical Care Consults in Liberty ED - Critical Care, Emergency Physicians

    Site: Liberty Emergency Department
    Category: Telemedicine Encounter
    Description: The Liberty ED and Base Critical Care physicians connect using Telemedicine to discuss patients being considered for inpatient admission. The intended goal of the project is to optimize the likelihood patients receive the most appropriate level of care upon admission.

    International Telemedicine Consultations - Multiple Divisions (Genetics, Neurology, Orthopaedics, etc.)

    Site: Dominican Republic
    Category: Telemedicine Clinic
    Description: Specialists at Cincinnati Children's provide non-urgent consultations to pediatric patients in the Dominican Republic. This allows their local treating physicians to get input from specialists for treatment and diagnosis. Most children are able to be treated effectively in their home country. A variety of specialists from different backgrounds participate in this project.


    Site: Multiple Sites
    Category: Diagnostics
    Description: This service allows the Department of Radiology to read routine pediatric studies, and specialized studies like MRI and CT scans; this includes brain, heart, and fetal imaging.

    Audiology - Telemedicine Adjustments

    Site: Multiple Sites
    Category: Telemedicine Clinic
    Description: Audiology staff uses telemedicine to connect with parents and schools to provide real-time hearing aid adjustments. This allows audiology patients to have their hearing aids adjusted more quickly, , and often allows families to avoid an in-person clinic visit

    Nutrition Therapy - Telemedicine Consults

    Site: Green Township
    Category: Telemedicine Clinic
    Description: Using telemedicine, nutrition therapists provide consultations at multiple Cincinnati Children's locations. This allows patients seen in specialty clinics across the health system to access nutrition therapy.

    If you or your organization might be interested in serving as a spoke/host site for a video-based clinical service, please contact us at telehealth@cchmc.org.

  • Erik C. Michelfelder, MD, Director of the Fetal Cardiac Program, reviews a sonogram.
    Erik C. Michelfelder, MD, Director of the Fetal Cardiac Program, reviews a sonogram.
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