• Eczema Center

    The Eczema Center is comprised of an intra-disciplinary group of physicians (Allergy, Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology, Dermatology and Pain Management), nurses, and a medical photographer who will collaborate in the evaluation and treatment of your child. One of the benefits of the Eczema Center is that you/your child will be seen by several specialists in a single visit.

    Currently, there is a high demand for new patient visits. In order to access the Eczema Center, please first make an appointment with a provider in our Dermatology Division or our Allergy Division. After the initial visit, our providers will determine if the Eczema Center is the appropriate place for the ongoing treatment of your child.

    About Eczema

    • Eczema is a common and chronic skin disease that can affect infants, children, and adolescents of all ages.
    • Eczema can significantly affect the child’s and caregiver’s quality of life because the child may suffer from the following:
      • Severe itching, resulting in poor sleep, chronic fatigue, behavioral problems, and poor school performance.
      • Poor self-esteem and have difficulty making friends and enjoying social and other activities.
    • Children with eczema may have severe food, environmental and other allergies.
    • Parents and caregivers of children with eczema may have taken them to multiple providers and tried many different treatment options, none of which seem to have helped.

    About Your Visit

    During Your Visit

    • New patients are seen on the 1st and 3rd Thursday mornings of each month.
    • Please plan on a visit that will last about 2-3 hours.
    • Your child will be seen by multiple providers, each with a different area of expertise, including food and environmental allergies; pain and itching; anxiety, coping and behavioral issues; and eczema skin care.

    A Typical Visit consists of the following services:

    • A thorough review of your child’s prior evaluation and treatment for allergies, itching, and eczema.
    • A physical examination with special attention to examination of the skin, eyes, ears, nose, and throat.
    • A discussion of any issues such as stress, poor school performance, or behavioral issues that your child is experiencing due to their eczema.
    • Diagnostic tests, if indicated, such as skin prick tests and/or blood tests.
    • We will thoroughly review with you our treatment recommendations and make sure all of your questions with regards to the plan of treatment are answered.

    Follow-up Care

    • Ongoing care is very important. Most follow-up eczema care is scheduled with individual providers and will be arranged after your visit.
    • Our recommendations will be communicated to your child’s pediatrician or primary care provider, who will remain involved in your child’s eczema care.
    • Please do not hesitate to contact our staff should you have questions or concerns after your visit.

    Before Your Visit

    Next steps in scheduling:

    • Our Eczema Care Coordinator will call you to schedule your child’s appointment.
    • Your child will be evaluated by a pediatric allergist and a pediatric dermatologist.
    • For children over 2 years of age it is recommended that they be evaluated by our pediatric pain/itch specialist and our pediatric psychologist.  Our Eczema Care Coordinator will review with you which providers your child will see and any co-pays that your insurance requires.
    • Each specialist that your child will see will perform an assessment; therefore separate co-pays are required for each provider.
    • Should you have any questions about billing, our Eczema Care Coordinator can assist you.

    Important Medical Information

    The Eczema Care Coordinator will also schedule a telephone call with you 7 days prior to your visit in order to allow our staff to determine which providers we recommend that your child see on the day of their visit.  This call will be with a member of our clinical staff.  This call will take around 30 minutes and is very important. Please be prepared to answer questions regarding the following:

    • Your child’s medical history, including current and prior treatments for their eczema; any known allergies; any other medical concerns and prior surgeries; any concerns you have about their behavior and coping; and concerns about itching
    • Your child’s quality of life, including any concerns you may have about how their eczema affects their friendships, schoolwork, and activities
    • Your child’s sleep, including what time they fall asleep and wake up; whether they have trouble falling asleep or awaken in the middle of the night; and whether they are sleepy during the daytime

    Medical records:

    • If your child has been seen for eczema by any other specialists, such as an allergist or dermatologist, we will need these records before your visit.
    • Please let our Eczema Care Coordinator know which providers your child has seen so we can assist you in requesting these records.
    • A “Release of Medical Records Consent” form will be mailed to you should one be required by other providers in order to forward your child’s medical records.

    Referral Process 

    1. Referrals should be made by going to www.cincinnatichildrens.org/consults or by completing the “Request for Specialty Services” form, and fax to 513-803-1111.
    2. Please specify in the comments section of either form “referral to The Eczema Center”.
    3. Pertinent medical records should be included with the referral. For patients who have already been evaluated by another dermatologist or other specialist, we will need copies of the pertinent medical records and can assist the family or caregiver with requesting records, if needed.
    4. Once the referral has been processed and reviewed by our clinical staff, our Center Coordinator will contact the caregiver to schedule the appointment within the appropriate time frame.
    5. Should you have any questions about this process, please feel free to call 513-636-4215, option 2 and ask for the Eczema Center Coordinator.
    • Eczema Center.
    • How to Reach Us

      You can reach us by calling 513-636-4215, press option 2, and ask for the Eczema Care Coordinator.