• Custom Gene Sequencing

    Custom gene sequencing.

    Availability of Sanger sequencing for any clinically relevant gene, in a CAP / CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory, allows many patients to receive a clinically actionable diagnosis that may have important ramifications for their long-term medical management and treatment.

    Previously offered custom gene assays now available for individual ordering: 






    Confirmation of a clinical diagnosis may also reduce or eliminate the need for further diagnostic testing and unnecessary health surveillance. 

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    To discuss custom gene sequencing for your patient with a genetic counselor, call 513-636-4474.

    Why Choose Us? 

    Our lab will give you access to unparalleled clinical expertise. Under the direction of Kejian Zhang, MD, MBA, we provide guidance in: 

    • Clinical interpretation, recommendation for follow-up testing and medical management  
    • Genetic counseling 
    • Coordination of studies for at-risk family members