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    Our emergency communication center offers pre-hospital / EMS care providers and referring physicians around-the-clock access to emergency specialists. Physicians can make emergency referrals by calling STATline at 513-636-1111.

    Each year, the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children treats children who are suspected victims of abuse. The team is available 24 hours a day for consultation with community physicians on any case of concern.

    Under the direction of Chuck Schubert, MD, the CDC Immunization Action Plan is a joint effort with the City of Cincinnati Health Department and the Division of Emergency Medicine.

    Children identified through the Emergency Division and subsequently tracked by the Immunization Action Plan team are encouraged to return to their primary care providers to get needed vaccines. When the child is severely delayed in getting their recommended vaccines, they may receive the immunizations either in the Emergency Department or from the Immunization Action Plan nurse outreach team in the home. These children are tracked until they complete all of their preschool immunizations.

    The database has grown to include more than 10,000 children. This program is unique and well-recognized by pediatric emergency medicine programs across the country.

    The Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFCK) at Cincinnati Children’s is a hospital-community partnership dedicated to preventing childhood injuries. IFCK-Cincinnati’s mission is accomplished by utilizing the national IFCK model to affect structural and social changes within the local community.

    This two-week rotation is led by faculty from the department of Emergency Medicine and is focused on injury prevention and advocating for child health. The No. 1 cause of mortality for children and adolescents is accidents. This course is designed to educate residents on the causes of injury and how to actively prevent and advocate for injury prevention and child health.