Family Resource Center

  • Information and Resources Devoted to Children's Health

    The Family Resource Center is your first place to turn to learn about children’s health conditions and community resources. Our caring, professional staff listen to your needs and offer up-to-date, educational information about health conditions, as well as helpful resources available in the community.

    We can answer questions about hospital services, area support groups, parenting classes and more. We have a variety of resources including print, media and online information. Family Resource Center staff members are able to bring information to your room if you can’t leave the bedside, or can mail information to your home.

    Our Services

    You do not need to be a patient at Cincinnati Children’s to put in a request, and our services are always free. We can help with:

    • Customized information packets for health conditions
    • Resources in the community (therapeutic recreation, summer programs, disability specific resources and more)
    • Parent to parent networks
    • School resources
    • Support groups
    • Parenting and behavioral issues
    • Information about child development, safety and well-being
    • Resources and information for the Hispanic community
    • Mental health information
    • Setting up free, personalized CarePages

    During Your Stay

    While your child is a patient at Cincinnati Children’s, you can visit us for a place to relax and unwind. We have a lending library, internet access, fax services and a place to conduct personal business. We want to make your stay with Cincinnati Children’s as comfortable as possible.

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