• Extensive Therapy Options

    The Fanconi Anemia Comprehensive Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s offers a range of therapies, including innovative approaches that are not widely available. These include:

      • Hormone studies − Most children with Fanconi anemia have hormonal abnormalities, especially with the thyroid. We provide detailed evaluations and treatments for such problems, and we also have studies aimed at improving treatments.
      • Blood and marrow transplantation − We are leading the way in providing new and better regimens for this vital procedure.
      • Innovative, investigational therapies to promote or improve marrow function
      • Studies of immune function and infection in Fanconi anemia

    Blood and Marrow Transplant

    The majority of Fanconi anemia patients eventually require a bone marrow transplant. The procedure is complex, especially for children with Fanconi anemia.

    That’s why it’s important to choose a facility and medical team with experience in performing transplants on patients with this condition. Our team is always available to consult with families and their physicians by phone or email.

  • Team of Specialists

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