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    We welcome any questions you may have. A physician, therapist or family member may refer a patient to the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team.



    Mailing Address:
    Interdisciplinary Feeding Team / Aerodigestive and Sleep Center
    MLC 11002
    Location A, Level 3
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229-3026


    The Interdisciplinary Feeding Team sees patients in two locations on our Burnet Campus. Our clinic is held in the Multipractice Center in Location C, and in the treatment area on the third floor of Location A. Caregivers will receive a letter directing them to the proper location.

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    Skill and expertise mean the best quality of life for your patients.

    When you refer patients to the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team at Cincinnati Children’s, you’re putting them in the skillful hands of pediatric gastroenterologists, nutrition specialists, psychologists, nurses, speech pathologists and occupational therapists.

    Our team approach combines a number of effective treatments and an individualized care plan to help your patient achieve the best quality of life.

    Referrals to the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team at Cincinnati Children’s can be made one of two ways:

    • A physician may contact us with a referral.
    • The family may call to self-refer.

    Download the Specialty Services Referral Form.

    If a family contacts the team directly, the team will speak with the physician caring for the child to confirm the referral and to obtain additional clinical information.

    It would be helpful to have any test results or medical records that are not from Cincinnati Children’s before the first appointment. Mail them to:

    Interdisciplinary Feeding Team / Aerodigestive and Sleep Center
    MLC 1002
    Location A, Level 3
    3333 Burnet Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45229-3026

    Families may bring their child’s test results and medical records with them to the first appointment.

    Patients exhibiting difficulties in three or four of the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team specialty areas should receive a comprehensive, interdisciplinary evaluation to streamline and implement a treatment plan.

    Gastroenterology, Nursing, Nutrition, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy provide an organized team approach to evaluation of the feeding problem. Dental, Otolaryngology (ENT) and other subspecialties are consulted as necessary.

    Currently, this service is initiated primarily on an outpatient basis.

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