• Collaboration with Referring Physicians

    At the Cincinnati Fetal Center, our collaboration goes beyond our three affiliated hospitals. We recognize the importance of ongoing communication with referring physicians, and our team will evaluate, diagnose and treat your patient and her baby with the goal of returning them to your care as quickly as possible.

    Throughout the process, we provide you with detailed information on evaluation, treatment and recommended follow-up. We encourage referring physicians to participate in our team meetings and offer remote teleconferencing if you cannot visit in person.
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  • Advances in Fetology 2014

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    When: Sept. 26-27

    Topic: Neural Axis Anomalies: Diagnosis, Family Counseling and Treatment | Current Practice in Fetal Therapy and Future Directions

    Audience: Obstetricians / gynecologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, cardiologists, perinatologists, genetic counselors, ultrasonographers, nurses

    After the conference: Symposium on related basic science activity

    Venue: 21c Museum Hotel

    Featured speaker: Scott Adzick, MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    Program hosts: Foong-Yen Lim, MD; William Polzin, MD; James Van Hook, MD; Paul Kingma, MD, PhD; Jose L. Peiro, MD, MBA; Aimen Shaaban, MD

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