• The Nurturing Children’s Development Program

    The Nurturing Children’s Development Program, started in 2004 and sponsored by the Pampers brand of the Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G), was born of a shared vision between Cincinnati Children’s and P&G to contribute to improvement in the health of infants and children worldwide. 

    These two highly respected organizations have established a collaboration to build positive, long-term relationships with select pediatric and maternity hospitals and related research institutions worldwide.  This program will establish mechanisms for sustainable international collaboration and transfer of knowledge that help to build clinical and academic research and leadership capacity of physicians and other health professionals.

    This program offers research opportunities at Cincinnati Children’s for physicians and health professionals from select children’s medical institutions in China, and with recent expansion, physicians in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan are eligible. 

    Research scholarship recipients spend nine to 12 months in Cincinnati working with senior faculty at Cincinnati Children’s. 

    Observer scholarship recipients spend two months in Cincinnati observing in our state-of-the-art clinical facilities.

    Areas of Interest

    Scholars and observers have worked with senior faculty at Cincinnati Children’s in the following major research programs: 

  • Read testimonials from scholarship recipients.
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  • Goals of Program

    The Nurturing Children’s Development Program is designed to:

    • Advance research and enhance clinical care and hospital operations for the healthy development of children around the world
    • Develop positive, long-term relationships with pediatric and maternity hospitals and research institutions around the world