Headache Center

  • Publications

    The Headache Center at Cincinnati Children’s develops presentations, publications and book chapters examining childhood headache disorders and treatments. We have had more than 60 publications from 1999 to 2008. Recent publications include:

    1. O'Brien, H.L. and Hershey, A.D. Vitamins and paediatric migraine: Riboflavin as a preventative medication. Cephalalgia (in press).
    2. Seshia, S.S., Wang, S.-J., Abu-Arafeh, I., Hershey, A.D., Guidetti, V., Winner, P., and Wober-Bingol, C. Chronic Daily Headache in Children and Adolescents: A Multi-faceted Syndrome. Canadian J. Neurol. Sci. 2010 (in press).
    3. Hershey, A.D., Kabbouche, M.A. and Powers, S.W. Treatment of Pediatric and Adolescent Migraine. Pediatr Ann 39: 416-423, 2010.
    4. Hershey, A.D. and Lipton, R.B. Lifestyles of the Young and Migrainous. Neurology 24:680-681, 2010.
    5. Hershey, A.D., Burdine, D., Kabbouche, M.A., and Powers, S.W. Genomic Expression Patterns in Medication Overuse Headaches. Cephalalgia 2010 (online first).
    6. Kabbouche, M.A. and Cleves, C. Evaluation and Management of Children and Adolescents Presenting with an Acute Setting. Semin. Pediatr. Neurol. 17: 105-108, 2010.
    7. Wang, X., Xiang, J., Wang, Y., Pardos, M., Meng, L., Huo, X., Korostenskaja, M., Powers, S.W., Kabbouche, M.A., and Hershey, A.D. Identification of Abnormal Neuromagnetic Signatures in the Motor Cortex of Adolescent Migraine. Headache  50:1105-1016, 2010.
    8. Hershey, A.D. Recent Developments in Pediatric Headache. Current Opin. Neurol. 23:249-253, 2010.
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    10. Hershey, A.D. Current Approaches to the Diagnosis and Management of Paediatric Migraine. Lancet Neurology 9:190-204, 2010.
    11. Seshia, S.S., Abu-Arafeh, I, and Hershey, A.D. Tension-Type Headache in Children: The Cinderella of Headache Disorders! Canadian J. Neuro. Sci. 36:687-695, 2009.
    12. Mack, K.J. and Hershey, A.D. Chronic Daily Headache in Adolescence. A Continuing Problem. Neurology 73:412-412, 2009.
    13. Hershey, A.D. Patient Page: Teens, Migraine, Suicide, and Suicidal Thoughts. Neurology 72: e61-e64, 2009.
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    15. Khatri, R., Hershey, A.D. and Wong, B.W. Prochlorperazine − Treatment for Acute Confusional Migraine. Headache 49: 477-480, 2009.
    16. Charles, J.A., Peterlin, B.L., Rapaport, A.M., Linder, S.L., Kabbouche, M.A., and Sheftell, F.D. Favorable Outcome of Early Treatment of New Onset Child and Adolescent Migraine – Implications for Disease Modification. J. Headache Pain. 10:227-233, 2009.
    17. Hershey, A.D.  Menstrual Migraine: How early can it start? Headache 49: 348-349 2009.
    18. Crawford, M.J., Lehman, L., Slater, S., Kabbouche, M.A., LeCates, S.L., Segers, A., Manning, P., Powers, S.W., and Hershey, A.D. Menstrual Migraine in Adolescents. Headache 49: 341-347 2009.
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    20. Kabbouche, M.A., Powers, S.W., Segers, A., LeCates, S., Manning, P., Biederman, S., Vaughan, P., Burdine, D., and Hershey, A.D. Inpatient Treatment of Status Migraine with Dihydroergotamine in Children and Adolescents. Headache 49: 106-109, 2009.


    1. Hershey, A.D., Powers, S.W., Winner, P., and Kabbouche, M.A. Pediatric Headaches in Clinical Practice. J.W. Wiley and Sons, West Sussex, England, 2009.

    Book Chapters

    1. Hershey, A.D. “Refractory Headaches in Children and Adolescents” in Refractory Migraine: Mechanisms and Management. Eds. Schulman, E.A., Levin, M., Lake, A.E., and Loder, E. Oxford University Press, New York, NY, USA, 2010.