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    Mark McDonald, MA

    Assistant Vice President, Finance
    Heart Institute

    Mark McDonald received an MA from the University of Cincinnati. Subsequently, he held positions with Kaiser Permanente as Manager, Management Engineering, the Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati as the Vice President for Cardiovascular Services, and the Ohio Heart and Vascular Center as the Chief Operating Officer prior to joining the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s as the Assistant Vice President (AVP). The Heart Institute AVP role is responsible for the integration of the clinical and research missions of the Heart Institute, strategic planning and daily operational business management. The institute encompasses Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, elements of other medical specialties and basic science research as a completely integrated service line. McDonald is published on strategic planning, operations analysis, facility design and cardiovascular business development. The articles reflect extensive experience in private practice, integrated delivery networks, adult and pediatric cardiovascular services.

    Email: mark.mcdonald@cchmc.org


    Jean Storey.

    Jean Storey, MSN, RN

    Assistant Vice President, Patient Services
    Heart Institute and Pediatric Intensive Care

    As the Assistant Vice President of Patient Services in the Heart Institute and Pediatric Intensive Care, Jean Storey participates in strategic planning to accomplish short- and long-term goals and achieve quality, service and growth targets. Jean has extensive experience leading people, building teams and improving and expanding programs in nationally ranked pediatric academic medical centers. She oversees all regulatory and accreditation requirements for the Heart Institute.

    Prior to her role at Cincinnati Children’s, Jean led efforts at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas to become the first Fetal Heart Program in the country to be certified by the Joint Commission. There, she implemented the first home surveillance program for neonates with complex congenital heart disease and established their first nursing morbidity and mortality (M/M) conference. She also has facility design experience serving as a key leader in the design of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art heart center at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas.

    Email:  jean.storey@cchmc.org


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