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  • Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab (HIDL)

    The Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab at Cincinnati Children’s provides viral PCR and genetic testing for DNA mutations associated with cardiovascular disease.

    Current testing services include molecular analysis of viruses known to cause myocarditis and sequencing of genes associated with cardiac disease.

    Viral PCR Analysis

    Our laboratory offers state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic testing for cardiovascular diseases. In 1986, the identification of Coxsackievirus B in the hearts of patients with myocarditis or dilated cardiomyopathy was reported. Subsequently, adenovirus was identified as another virus that is commonly found in the hearts of patients with these diseases, as well as a cause of organ rejection in patients with lung and/or heart transplants. More recently, we have shown that the predominant virus causing myocarditis and heart transplant rejection has again changed with parvovirus B19 now being most common. Our laboratory updates testing to reflect worldwide changes in viral infection. For example, we have already added PCR for Hepatitis C virus, an emerging cause of myocarditis in Southeast Asia.

    We offer rapid molecular testing of heart tissue, lung tissue, and other organ specimens and bodily fluids for viruses. These tests are focused specifically for viruses identified as causing heart disease in children and adults, as well as in the fetus. However, they have a wide range of other clinical applications. All testing is performed using PCR technology, thus providing optimal sensitivity and specificity.

    Genetic Testing

    The Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab provides genetic testing services for cardiovascular disease.  Testing is available for connective tissue disorders, aortopathy, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, neuromuscular disease, and genetic syndromes including Barth syndrome, Holt-Oram syndrome, Marfan syndrome and heterotaxy syndrome.  

    The Heart Institute Diagnostic Laboratory also offers free medical consultation services via telephone or email to any physician or genetic counselor. Our team includes cardiologists, geneticists, an American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG) board-certified Clinical Molecular Geneticist, and genetic counselors. Thus, we are able to offer expert insight into the clinical and molecular aspects of the diseases for which we offer testing.

    The goal of the Heart Institute Diagnostic Laboratory is to not only offer the highest quality of molecular diagnostic testing but also to provide physicians and genetic counselors with the information they need to give their patients an optimal standard of care.

    Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab Leadership

    Jeffrey Towbin, MD
    Medical director

    Stephanie Ware, MD, PhD
    Associate medical director and director of research and development

    Wenying Zhang, MD, PhD
    Associate laboratory director

    Amy Garrison, MS
    Genetic counselor

    Contact the lab:

    Phone: 513-803-1751
    Fax: 513-803-1748
    Email: HeartDx@cchmc.org  

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    Access our Clinical Laboratory Test Index.

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    For more information about Heart Institute Diagnostic Laboratory services, email HeartDx@cchmc.org or call / fax forms to:

    Phone: 513-803-1751
    Fax: 513-803-1748
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    The Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab offers state-of-the art genetic and viral PCR testing with competitive prices and quick turn-around times.

    The Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab offers state-of-the art genetic and viral PCR testing with competitive prices and quick turn-around times.

  • Questions?

    Do you have questions? Unsure of what test to order?

    Contact genetic counselor Amy Shikany at 513-803-1751 or email her at heartdx@cchmc.org.

  • HIDL Awarded Grant

    Recently, the Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab was one of six labs awarded a grant from GenomeQuest in its next-generation sequencing lab grant program. HIDL will use the grant to apply NGS diagnostics to diagnosing congenital heart disease, adult and pediatric cardiomyopathy, and cardiovascular disorders with genetic syndromes.

    Read more about this grant from GenomeQuest.