• Clinical Trials: From Bench to Bedside

    Research is fundamental to the mission of the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. It is the way we learn about disease origins and mechanisms, and the only way to develop new therapies that advance patient care. 

    The Heart Institute structure – designed to facilitate the rapid transfer of basic science breakthroughs to the patient’s bedside – underscores our commitment to fully integrate outstanding clinical care and groundbreaking research to develop new and effective treatments for children with heart disease.

    The Heart Institute conducts a wide variety of clinical trials to address a broad range of cardiac problems. Many families and patients being cared for by the Heart Institute have the opportunity to participate in these clinical trials.

    View a complete list of current clinical trials or narrow your search specifically for those related to heart diseases.

    Extra Level of Reassurance

    Faculty members who participate in clinical trials are at the cutting edge of their respective fields, highly qualified and widely respected nationally. This – combined with the stamp of approval from national funding sources underwriting such trials – provides families at Cincinnati Children’s an extra level of reassurance.

    Families are often honored to participate in clinical trials that promise to improve the cardiac care available to children in the future. By volunteering, therefore, you and your child can further medical knowledge and potentially help other children and adults.

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    Find a clinical study specific to heart diseases. Using our database, you can narrow your search based on patient age, gender and condition.

    “Clinical trials are the only way we advance medicine. It’s truly the only way medicine moves forward. The opportunity to participate in trials is often very well received by families at Cincinnati Children’s.”

    Robert H. Beekman  III, MD, professor of pediatric cardiology, the Heart Institute

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