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  • Family Education Day

    Save the date for Saturday, November 8th, 2014 for the 3rd Annual Heart Institute Family Education Day.   

    Topics will include:

    • Caring for Cardiac Challenges
    • Caring for Family Challenges
    • Caring for Child-Specific Non-Cardiac Challenges
    • Hands-on Breakout Sessions

    This year's guest speaker will be Jennifer Page.

    Jennifer Page’s son, Max, gained worldwide fame in 2011 when he appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Volkswagen. Max became known as “Mini Darth Vader”. He was born with a congenital heart defect that required eight major surgeries by the time he turned eight years old. Jennifer will share her family’s journey. 

    Registration will open soon.

    Last Year's Video Presentations are Still Available

    Video recordings of the plenary sessions from 2013 are available to view by clicking on the links below.

    Plenary Session I: Frontiers of Scientific Research

    • Burns Blaxall, PhD - Director, Translational Science, The Heart Institute
    • Jeffrey Robbins, PhD - Executive Co-Director, The Heart Institute and Director, Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology
    • Paula Goldenberg, MD - Clinical Geneticist, The Heart Institute

    Plenary Session 2: New Medical Devices and Clinical Frontiers

    • David Morales, MD - Executive Co-Director, The Heart Institute and Director, Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
    • Bryan Goldstein, MD - Cardiologist, Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention, The Heart Institute
    • Jim Cnota, MD - Director, Neonatal Cardiology and Fetal Echocardiography, The Heart Institute

    Plenary Session 3: Modern Practices in Long-Term CHD Outcomes

    • Haleh Heydarian, MD - Clinical Director, Heart Institute-Kindervelt Neurodevelopmental and Educational Clinic
    • Nicolas Madsen, MD - Medical Director, Inpatient Cardiology, The Heart Institute
    • Christopher Learn, MD - Cardiologist, Adolescent and Adult Congenital Heart Disease, The Heart Institute

    Plenary Session 4: A New Era of Communication: Patients, Families, and the Medical Team

    • Jodi Lemacks - National Program Director, Mended Little Hearts
    • Irina Parkins, PhD - Psychologist, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology