Heart Institute

  • 1st Annual Heart Institute Family Education Day

    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    Plenary Session 1: Living with Heart Disease

    • Michelle Ernst, MD – Director, Behavioral Medicine Consultation-Liaison Service, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
    • Thomas Kimball, MD – Medical Director, The Heart Institute
    • Camille Graham, MD – Executive Physician Community Leader
    • Lisa Butler – Chair, Mended Little Hearts of Cincinnati

    Plenary Session 2: Developmental and School Experiences: What to Expect

    • Bradley S. Marino, MD – Director, Heart Institute Neurodevelopmental Clinic, The Heart Institute
    • Mary Kay Irwin, EdD (ABD) – Manager, School Intervention Program, The Heart Institute

    Plenary Session 3: Transitioning

    • Heather Rieselman, BSN, RN – Cardiac Intensive Care Nurse, The Heart Institute
    • Frank Biro, MD – Division Director, Adolescent Medicine
    • Christopher Learn, MD – Adult Congenital Heart Disease Cardiologist, The Heart Institute

    Living with Heart Disease: A Panel Discussion