• Patients, Families Share Experiences

    The Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children's is changing the outcomes for our heart patients and their families. As part of our belief in the compassionate, respectful family-centered care of every patient and family, we understand that the best reassurance and support for our families comes from stories shared by other families in similar situations.

    Here are some stories of Cincinnati Children's Heart Institute patients and their families.
  • Stories that Inspire

    Read more about Harrison's heart surgery.
    Read more about Harrison's heart surgery.

    Heart surgery for Harrison

    Harrison was born with multiple heart problems, and the left side of his heart was not growing.

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    Read more about Brittany's battle with obesity.
    Read more about Brittany's battle with obesity.

    Brittany Battles Obesity

    Our HealthWorks! program helped Brittany win her battle against obesity.

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  • Share Your Story

    Patients and families are the heart of the Heart Institute. Your strength and optimism, even in the most difficult circumstances, inspire us and many others. Share your story and join our Champions Program.
  • Tell Me a Story

    Listen to patients from the Heart Institute share their experiences at Cincinnati Children's as part of our ongoing storytelling project:

    Heart Transplant Teaches Family What Life is All About

    Listen to 11-year-old Asia Werner describe her heart transplant and how the experience taught her family what life is all about.

    Getting Better Feels Like Winning a Prize

    Listen to 9-year-old Payton Stephens explain how it feels to get better following heart surgery and more than 100 spinal taps.