• Support Groups

    A family with a child newly diagnosed with heart disease faces many levels of anxiety and stress. In addition, children who grow up with heart disease face significant physical and emotional challenges.

    Because we're committed to family-centered care at Cincinnati Children's Heart Institute, we provide support groups tailored specifically for families of children with heart disease. Families are invited to participate in these support groups in which parents and children can learn from each other. Support group members sponsor an annual summer picnic, and they are involved in other events such as a family retreat weekend and a week-long summer camp for kids with heart conditions.

    Family Camp Weekend

    The Heart Institute Family Retreat Weekend is designed specifically for families of children affected with heart disease. The weekend is full of fun family activities, informational sessions for parents, and sharing with other families who have had similar experiences. Activities are planned throughout the day for all ages. The cost is $50 per family.

    Learn more about the Heart Institute Family Camp Weekend. For more information, call Ali Barnes at 513-803-1841 or email heartcamp@cchmc.org.

    Mended Little Hearts of Cincinnati

    Mended Little Hearts of Cincinnati provides families, caregivers, and patients with heart defects and heart disease an outlet through which they can find answers, education, resources and access to local-based peer-to-peer support. With Mended Little Hearts, patients with congenital heart defects (CHD) and their families find strength and understanding from those who share the same experience. The Cincinnati chapter is one of 85 Mended Little Hearts chapters around the nation. It is volunteer based and is organized and run by local Heart families and CHD patients, who can truly relate to the concerns of Congenital Heart Disease. 

    Join Mended Little Hearts the third Friday of every month at Cincinnati Children's. Childcare is provided for our families. Email mlhcincinnati@gmail.com for meeting details. 

    Mended Little Hearts of Cincinnati also has a support program for teens and adults born with Congenital Heart Disease called Surviving CHD. This program works side by side with Cincinnati Children's Adolescent and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program to provide transitional support, emotional support, education and advocacy for patients.

    Membership is free for both groups and has no obligation. To connect with others, visit  www.mendedlittlehearts.org and select Cincinnati as the chapter/group.

    You can also reach out to the organizations co-chairs to learn more:

    Lisa Butler, Lead Coordinator   
    Phone: 513-518-3621  
    Email: lisabutlermlh@gmail.com

    Leslie Sams, Co-Coordinator  
    Phone: 859-559-5580    
    Email: lesliesamsmlh@gmail.com

    Danielle Fritsch, "Surviving CHD" Group Coordinator
    Phone 513-884-0601
    Email: survivingchd@gmail.com

    Visit Mended Little Hearts of Cincinnati and like them on Facebook.

    Disclaimer: Although Mended Little Hearts of Cincinnati collaborates with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, it is not affiliated with the hospital. Mended Little Hearts is a program of the nationally recognized nonprofit organization, Mended Hearts, Inc.  

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