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    A family with a child newly diagnosed with heart disease faces many levels of anxiety and stress. In addition, children who grow up with heart disease face significant physical and emotional challenges.

    Because we’re committed to family-centered care at Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute, we provide support groups tailored specifically for families of children with heart disease. Families are invited to participate in these support groups in which parents and children can learn from each other. Support group members sponsor an annual summer picnic, and they are involved in other events such as a family retreat weekend and a week-long summer camp for kids with heart conditions.

    Hopeful Hearts for Children

    Hopeful Hearts for Children is a support group organized by, and made up of, families of children affected by heart disease and is designed to help parents feel less alone in coping with their child’s illness, as well as to offer a source of hope and comfort, especially during stressful periods.

    Meetings are  held on the first Tuesday evening of even-numbered months at the Heart Institute. These informal meetings are designed so that parents can share their concerns, stories and suggestions with each other. If it’s inconvenient for a family to attend on-campus meetings, Hopeful Hearts also can match parents with families of children with similar needs or concerns – such as the same diagnosis, age or sex – to provide support over the phone.

    Additionally, special events, such as an annual summer picnic and participation in the American Heart Association’s annual Heart Mini-Marathon weekend, are organized.

    There is no fee for Hopeful Hearts for Children membership. Each participant is a parent who can help others through difficult times. For more information, contact Julie Balzano at jbalzano@fuse.net. More information also can be obtained from the Heart Institute team.

    Family Retreat Weekend

    The Heart Institute Family Retreat Weekend is designed specifically for families of children affected with heart disease. The weekend is full of fun family activities, informational sessions for parents, and sharing with other families who have had similar experiences. Activities are planned throughout the day for all ages. The cost is $50 per family.

    Learn more about the Heart Institute Family Retreat Weekend. For more information, call Tyana Owings at 513-803-4258 or email heartcamp@cchmc.org.

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