• Meet the Team

    The Heritable Liver Disease Genetic Testing Service is a collaboration between the Molecular Genetics Laboratory and Jorge Bezerra, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist and developer of the JaundiceChip Resequencing Array, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. This partnership allows for optimum care of your patients.

    We are staffed by a team of experts who provide guidance in:

    • Test selection
    • Clinical interpretation
    • Medical management and follow-up testing
    • Recommendations for genetic counseling
    • Coordination of studies for at-risk family members
    • Billing and reimbursement

    Clinical interpretations are written in conjunction with our nationally recognized pediatric gastroenterologist, board-certified molecular and medical geneticists and genetic counselors. Each report is customized for your patient and includes a detailed interpretation of the genetic findings, the clinical significance of the results and the specific recommendations for clinical management and additional testing, if warranted. These specialists are also available to you for pretest or additional post-test consultation.

  • A photo of Jorge Bezerra.

    Jorge A. Bezerra, MD Medical Director, Pediatric Liver Care Center 513-636-3008

    A photo of Alexander Miethke.
    A photo of Kejian Zhang.

    Kejian Zhang, MD, MBA Director, Molecular Genetics Laboratory 513-636-0121