• Genetic Counseling Resource Center

    The Genetic Counseling Resource Center offers clinicians and researchers access to the services of highly trained, board-eligible or board-certified genetic counselors from the Division of Human Genetics at Cincinnati Children’s. 

    Our genetic counselors can help you incorporate the latest in genetic science into your practice by providing genetic counseling services to your patients. You may choose time‐limited or long‐term arrangements for your clinical efforts or research projects.

    Our services include:

    • Collection and assessment of detailed medical and family history information
    • Provision of genetics‐related education
    • Discussion of the benefits and limitations of genetic testing
    • Up‐to‐date information regarding legal protections against genetic discrimination
    • Coordination of genetic testing
    • Interpretation of genetic testing results
    • Comprehensive genetic counseling regarding heritability and recurrence risk
    • Explanation of risk‐reducing or management options based on genetic test results and genetic diagnosis to patients and their healthcare providers 

    The Genetic Counseling Resource Center serves healthcare professionals within and outside of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

  • Contact Us

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    To learn more about the Genetic Counseling Resource Center or to ask about our fees and services, contact Christine Spaeth, clinical manager and licensed genetic counselor, by email, or call 513‐636-9861.