• Serving Children, Adoptive Parents and Their Physicians

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center offers a comprehensive International Adoption Center (IAC) to help children, their adoptive parents and the community doctors who care for them.

    The IAC offers specific and unique help for internationally adopted children and their families. Whether you live across town or across the country, we can help you and your family. Our comprehensive services include pre- and post-adoption care, a mental and behavioral health therapist, research, education, seminars and workshops.

    Thousands of children immigrate to the United States each year to begin a new life with their adoptive parents.

    Most of these children are quite young − less than a year old − and nine out of 10 have not yet reached their fourth birthday.

    These children primarily emigrate from Russia, Eastern Europe, China and Central and South America. They bring with them unique and complex health, medical, developmental and psychological issues.

    The IAC staff is knowledgeable about the medical and social conditions of children from other countries, is skilled in managing infectious diseases and understands the developmental and psychological impact of institutionalization and sensory deprivation. As part of a comprehensive medical center, the International Adoption Center offers ready access to highly qualified specialists in numerous fields.

    The IAC at Cincinnati Children's is a member of the Joint Council on International Children's Services, an organization that advocates on behalf of children in need of permanent families and promotes ethical practices in intercountry adoption.

  • International Adoption Center at Cincinnati Children's.
    Mary Staat has a follow-up visit with Lana Moore, adopted from Russia.