• Workshops

    The Cincinnati Children's International Adoption Center (IAC) offers Sibshops for brothers and sisters of internationally adopted children. Sibshops occur on a quarterly basis for siblings 8-12 years old, and provide peer support as well as support from professionals and volunteers.


    Siblings may struggle with:

    • Changes in the family since adoption
    • Coping with their sibling's challenging behaviors
    • Contending with their sibling's medical needs


    One-day session includes:

    • Games
    • Activities
    • Peer support in a therapeutic setting and more


    Sessions are offered at our Main Campus (Burnet) and our Liberty Campus


    The cost of each session is $10 which includes a meal for lunch 

  • Sibshops at Cincinnati Children’s International Adoption Center (IAC).
  • Contact Us

    For additional information, please call Andrea Bohlen, IAC mental health therapist, at 513-802-1741 or email andrea.bohlen@cchmc.org.