Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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    At Cincinnati Children’s, we recognize the differences and challenges of treating young adults with inflammatory bowel disease, particularly those between the ages of 13 and 18 when self-management is critical. Thanks to our unique diagnostic abilities and pediatric expertise, we are a leading national referral center for complicated inflammatory bowel disease / IBD management.

    The depth and breadth of services we offer are unparalleled, as Cincinnati Children’s is one of the few children’s hospitals that offers an IBD focus within Gastroenterology, Surgery, Pain Management and Psychology.

    Our Interdisciplinary Approach

    One of our strengths is our diversity: our team members come together from multiple disciplines to address pediatric IBD issues. We are also privileged to partner with surgeons at Cincinnati Children’s who specialize in the correction of pediatric colorectal disorders.  And since the best care is provided when primary care physicians and families partner with our specialists to make medical decisions, we work closely with referring physicians to plan comprehensive strategies for care.

    Evidence-Based Care

    Pediatric evidence-based care guidelines have been developed at Cincinnati Children's by a team of gastroenterologists, clinical effectiveness physicians, and evidence-based experts working together with patients and families. These guidelines are used by our care team and also help pediatricians provide the best possible care to inflammatory bowel disease patients. Our goal in developing them was to set a standard of care that is evidence-based, efficient, family-centered and safe.

    Resources for Families

    We believe in providing family-centered care where health care providers and the family are partners -- working together to best meet the need of the child. Our inflammatory bowel disease specialists educate patients and families and assist with quality-of-life issues. Available resources include:

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    Family Education Day

    Family Education Day is an annual event that addresses topics such as self-management and transitioning into adulthood with inflammatory bowel disease. Read more.

    New patient orientation

    New patient orientation: We offer registration for our bi-monthly new patient orientation sessions at Cincinnati Children’s. Contact us for more information.

    Health Education Topics

    Read various health education topics with illustrations and detailed information on IBD causes, symptoms and treatments. Read more.

    Specially trained Nurses

    Our nurses are specially trained in the field of pediatric gastroenterology.


    CarePages is a free service allowing patients and families to create personal, private web pages to share news with family and friends before, during and after hospitalization. Read more.

    Guest Services

    Guest Services helps out-of-town families plan their travel details and schedule appointments so they can concentrate on their child. Read more.

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    As part of the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, we’re committed to providing our field with the next generation of industry-leading clinicians and researchers. Learn more about our training programs and fellowships.


    As part of our mission to improve the lives of children with inflammatory bowel disease, members of the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition actively pursue research, including various aspects of IBD causes and treatment. Learn more about our current studies and projects.

  • Lee (Ted) Denson, MD, researches growth hormone therapy to treat pediatric Crohn's disease.

    Lee (Ted) Denson, MD, researches growth hormone therapy to treat pediatric Crohn's disease.

    IBD Services

    Lee (Ted) Denson, MD, researches growth hormone therapy to treat pediatric Crohn's disease.

    Lee (Ted) Denson, MD, researches growth hormone therapy to treat pediatric Crohn's disease.