• Current Scholars

    quality-claes-donna Donna Claes
    quality-scholar-Schmit Jennifer Schmit
    quality-shaw-anita Anita Shah
    quality-thienprayoon-rachel Rachel Thienprayoon
    quality-zafar-muhammad Muhammad Ahsan Zafar
  • Quality Scholars Program Develops Healthcare Leaders

    Evaline Alessandrini.The Quality Scholars Program in the Anderson Center, led by Evaline Alessandrini, MD, MSCE, is developing researchers and leaders who will transform pediatric health and healthcare delivery. Program goals include developing faculty to create effective healthcare delivery system interventions that can be disseminated into real-world practice settings, directly resulting in improved health outcomes.

    Our unique Quality Scholars Program challenges participants to:

    • Design, develop, test, sustain, scale and disseminate effective interventions in healthcare delivery
    • Accurately measure health and healthcare quality, cost and value
    • Create and lead organizational and policy environments engaged in continuous improvement
    • Undertake research that creates new knowledge and translates evidence of improved approaches to care in clinical, public health and policy settings


    We seek postdoctoral scholars to participate in the Quality Scholars Program. Eligible candidates include: 

    • Postdoctoral scholars in pediatric healthcare specializing in medicine, surgery, public health, the social sciences, nursing, pharmacy and other allied health areas
    • Faculty and fellows
    • Individuals who can dedicate >75 percent of time for the duration of the program (two to three years)

    Program Components

    The Quality Scholars Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center includes:

    • Strong methodologic training in health services research and quality-improvement methods (including quality-improvement research methods of study design and analysis, planned experimentation in complex systems, statistical process control, and product and process design
    • Series of mentored research / improvement projects
    • Exposure to a wide range of high-impact areas of study including innovation in nonhealthcare industry settings
    • Mentoring for career development
    • Leadership training and multidisciplinary team work

    The training period will be three years. The duration of the training program may be reduced if a candidate already has an MS, MPH, PhD or DrPH in epidemiology or other relevant field.

    How can I participate? Applications accepted annually. Applicants should submit a CV, personal statement and three recommendation letters.

    For more information, contact: Evaline Alessandrini, MD, MSCE, professor

  • Alumni Scholars

    quality-scholar-mugshot-Aylward-Brandon Brandon Aylward
    quality-scholar-dan-benscoter Dan Benscoter
    quality-scholar-mugshot-brady-patrick Patrick Brady
    quality-scholar-courtney-brown Courtney Brown
    quality-scholar-mugshot-tubbs-cooley-heather Heather Tubbs Cooley
    quality-scholar-christopher-dandoy Christopher Dandoy
    quality-scholar-mugshot-dritz-michele Michele Dritz
    quality-scholar-dana-dykes Dana Dykes
    quality-scholar-mugshot-hanke-samuel Samuel Hanke
    quality-scholar-catherine-hart Catherine Hart
    quality-scholar-mugshot-hooper-david David Hooper
    quality-scholar-mugshot-linam-matt Matt Linam
    quality-scholar-Murtagh Eileen Murtagh Kurowski
    quality-scholar-mugshot-redle-erin Erin Redle
    quality-scholar-schondelmey Amanda Schondelmeyer
    quality-scholar-mugshot-stalets-erika Erika Stalets

  • (From left) Samuel Hanke, Erika Stalets, Heather Tubbs Cooley, Erin Redle, Marielle Kabbouche, Brandon Aylward, program director Evaline Alessandrini and Anderson Center coordinator April Mack-Williams.

    Their improvement work goes on at Cincinnati Children's: (from left) Samuel Hanke, Erika Stalets, Heather Tubbs Cooley, Erin Redle, Marielle Kabbouche, Brandon Aylward, program director Evaline Alessandrini and Anderson Center project specialist April Mack-Williams.