• Help for Your Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Your child’s struggle with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is full of uncertainty. Unique challenges presented for an individual with autism and their family shows the need to partner with an autism center that provides key treatment and support. The Kelly O’Leary Center (TKOC) is here to help individuals with autism and their families by providing a state-of-the-art diagnostic program, treatment services, support services, and parent education and training programs that enhance the lives of individuals with ASD and their families.

    The Kelly O'Leary Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is located in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

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  • Mission

    The Kelly O’Leary Center will improve health, quality of life, and outcomes for children and adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through:

    • Family-centered care, including transition to adulthood
    • Excellent, evidence-based clinical care in an interdisciplinary model
    • Training to build leadership and capacity in the field of autism spectrum disorders
    • Contributing to evidence-based practice through innovative research in response to demonstrated need
    • Advocacy with and on behalf of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families
    • Collaboration with families, primary care providers, related Cincinnati Children's programs, educational systems, and community agencies

    More About The Kelly O'Leary Center (TKOC)

    • TKOC serves individuals that have a special set of needs that require input from a number of different specialists. This input is provided to families through a multi-disciplinary diagnostic and treatment program for children and adolescents with an ASD.
    • TKOC’s innovative research seeks to better understand causes and effective intervention for individuals with ASD, ensuring that the care we provide is on the leading edge of the field.
    • TKOC is a member of the Autism Speaks-Autism Treatment Network (AS-ATN) and recognized as one of the elite autism centers in the United States. Since its inception in 1999, TKOC has embraced the chronic care model, following children and adolescents with ASD after diagnosis for ongoing monitoring, treatment and habilitative services including speech and occupational therapy. Trainings and educational opportunities are offered by TKOC staff to family members and professionals with the goal of building capacity and improving the quality of care provided to individuals with ASD and their families.

  • Contact Us

    For referrals, questions or more information please call 513-636-4611 or 1-800-344-2462, ext, 6-4611.

  • Patients and Families

    For Patients and Families.

    The Kelly O’Leary Center provides a variety of local & regional resources to patients and families to help them begin their journey.

  • Diagnosis, Treatment & Services

    Diagnosis, Treatment and Services.

    Learn more about diagnosis, treatment, and services offered by The Kelly O'Leary Center.

  • Autism Research

    Autism Research.

    Our research is dedicated to understanding the causes and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).