• Pediatric Lung Transplant Program

    Why Your Child May Need a Lung Transplant

    Our pulmonology program was rated No. 2 in the country in the 2014-15 list of Best Children’s Hospitals published by U.S. News & World Report.Patients are considered for lung transplant when their lung disease cannot be significantly improved by either medical or surgical therapies, and, when there is a high chance of death. Many types of lung disease may lead to end-stage lung failure. In some cases, the lung disease may also severely affect the function of the heart. Failure of the lungs and / or heart will result in a poor quality of life and may limit a person’s life expectancy.

    Experience in Lung Transplant

    Since 1988, there have been approximately 1,100 pediatric lung transplants performed in the U.S.

    Marc Schecter, MD, medical director for the Lung Transplant Program, has participated in over 90 pediatric lung transplants. David Morales, MD, surgical director of the Lung Transplant Program, has participated in over 50 pediatric lung transplant procedures. 

  • About Us

    During the transplant evaluation, you will meet many people on the Lung Transplant Team.

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  • Contact Us

    To reach the Lung Transplant office, call 513-803-7009 or 1-800-344-2462 (extension 3-7009).

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  • Evaluation Process

    Components of the evaluation process include medical, surgical, psychosocial, and nutritional evaluations.

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