• Healthy Living Tips

    The Lupus Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center wants to help those living with lupus lead more healthy lives.

    Healthy Behaviors

    Staying healthy is harder for people with lupus. You need to pay close attention to your body, mind and spirit and develop strategies for maintaining wellness.

  • Wellness

    One of the primary goals of wellness for people with lupus is coping with the stress of having a chronic illness. There are many different ways of managing stress, including exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Find the one that works best for you.

    Wellness Tips
  • Healthy Eating

    Good nutrition and healthy eating are important parts of the overall treatment plan for lupus. A well-balanced diet provides the fuel your body needs to carry on its normal functions. Fad diets that heavily rely on one or a few types of food, while excluding other types, are more likely to be harmful rather than helpful. Learn more about healthy eating.

    Eating Tips
  • Follow-Up Exams

    It is important for you to follow-up with your health care team even when symptoms are quiet and all seems well. Results from follow-up exams and lab tests allow your health care team to note any new symptoms or other changes and to identify and treat flares. Vaccinations for the flu may be strongly recommended because people with lupus can be more susceptible to infection.