• 24/7 Contact Center by Medical Vigilance Solutions.
  • Flexible Support

    We provide flexible support options to meet your many contact center needs with a staff of highly trained and specialized personnel that includes pharmacists, nurses and allied-health professionals.   

    Our 24/7 Contact Center offers experience in multiple real-time channels, including phone and web chat, ensuring your business needs are always covered.  Support options include:

    • Adverse event and product quality complaint collection and documentation
    • Comprehensive quality monitoring
    • Clinical trial support for patients and healthcare providers
    • Flexible staffing models
    • In-house validated database and telephony infrastructure
  • Contact Us

    For more information about the 24/7 Contact Center and our Medical Vigilance Solutions:
    Phone: 855-752-3742
    Email: mvs@cchmc.org
    MLC 9004
    3333 Burnet Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039