• Mitochondrial Disorders Clinic

    The Mitochondrial Disorders Clinic is located at Cincinnati Children’s Main (Burnet) Campus in the Care Center of Location C, fifth floor. Download and fill out our patient information sheet and bring it with you to the clinic. 
  • What to Expect at an Appointment

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    • Fill in a patient information sheet and bring it with you.
    • Bring any pertinent medical records with you. You may also fax your records to 513-636-4373 so your healthcare providers can review your records. If you fax records, write the patient’s name and date of appointment clearly on the cover sheet.
    • Talk to family members about their health history.  During your appointment, we will ask you questions about your family’s health history.
    • In some cases, a genetic counselor may call before your appointment to collect information.
    • A nurse will record weight and height and information about medications the patient is currently taking.
    • A genetic counselor will collect more detailed information about the patient’s health and will construct a medical family tree.
    • A geneticist will perform a physical examination. 
    • It is possible that additional testing or evaluation will be ordered.
    • You will discuss with the healthcare team possible diagnosis and treatment.
    • You will make a plan with the healthcare team for follow-up, including how you will receive results for any testing that was ordered.

    • Note that many patients leave their first appointment without a diagnosis. It may take several types of testing and specialty exams to reach a diagnosis. For some patients, a specific diagnosis cannot be made.
    • A genetic counselor may call you if additional information is needed, to coordinate additional testing, or to follow-up.
  • How to Refer Patients

    Fax a referral to 513-636-7297. Physicians may also call 513-636-4760, option 1, to request an appointment.