• Pediatric Neurosurgery Programs

    Functional Neurosurgery Program

    The Neurosurgery Division at Cincinnati Children’s also offers a Functional Neurosurgery Program. These types of surgical procedures − used to treat epilepsy and movement disorders of the central nervous system − offer patients the chance for a better quality of life:

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    For Epilepsy

    • Vagus nerve stimulator
    • Brain mapping with selective cortical resection
    • Corpus callosotomy
    • Hemispherectomy
    • Hemispherotomy

    For Spasticity

    • Baclofen pump
    • Selective dorsal rhizotomy

    For Movement Disorders

    • Deep brain stimulation

  • Neurosurgery Transition Assessment Program

    Adolescents look forward to beginning their lives in the adult world. Choices about where to work or attend college, maintaining relationships and establishing priorities can be thrilling. This path, or transition, from childhood to adulthood can also be frustrating and scary − especially for children with extensive, complex health problems.

    The Pediatric Neurosurgery Division at Cincinnati Children’s offers a comprehensive transition program for our patients as they approach adulthood. These young adults have special needs and face many hurdles when they transition into the adult healthcare system. Some neurosurgeons have little experience with the issues that surround congenital impairments, making it difficult for teens to find doctors to take over their care.

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    Transition of healthcare from childhood to adulthood should be an anticipated, desirable and natural developmental event. As healthcare professionals, we partner with the family to assist in their process.

    The specialized care we offer allows the patient, family and physicians to work together so everyone is prepared for the transition. We help identify appropriate adult care providers, obtain health records, coordinate care and assist in resolving outstanding problems. To ensure there aren’t unresolved medical concerns − and to make sure the patient and family are well informed − the patient’s medical and surgical needs will be evaluated and addressed so a plan of care is in place before the patient leaves Cincinnati Children’s.

    Who Benefits from the Neurosurgery Transition Assessment Program

    The Pediatric Neurosurgery Division staff at Cincinnati Children’s helps young adults with the following childhood conditions transition into the adult healthcare system:

    • Brain or spinal cord tumors
    • Chiari malformation
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Spina bifida
    • Craniosynostosis
    • Uncontrollable seizures (epilepsy)
    • Traumatic brain or spine injury

    Additional Resources

    Additional resources on transition can be found in the Complex Care Center's Special Needs Resource Directory.