• Shared Governance

    Shared Governance supports the principles of decentralized decision making, shared accountability and partnerships among the entire healthcare team to deliver exceptional patient, care and family experience, improve quality of care and improve the engagement and experience of health care professionals.

    Our Voice

    Shared Governance makes me a better nurse, gives me a broad picture, and allows me to have a voice in the organizational decisions that directly affect my practice.Jane Garry, BSN, RN II, CPN, RNC-CPN, FY14 Nursing Profession Coordinating Council Chair

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  • Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM)

    View the IPM model in pdf format.

    The Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM) is the framework through which nurses at Cincinnati Children’s demonstrate ownership of their practice. The IPM describes the principles and expectations through which nurses and other interprofessional members engage in team-based care at Cincinnati Children’s. Nurses at Cincinnati Children’s believe that optimal outcomes are achieved when intra-and/or interprofessional colleagues consistently engage in practice behaviors that are directed at: safety, professionalism, best practice, collaborative relationships, comprehensive coordinated care, and innovation and research. The IPM is consistent with these beliefs in that it supports having a shared commitment to and language for intra and interprofessional engagement. The foundation of each tenet of this model is rooted in our partnership with patients, families and each other. Further, the model illustrates the interconnectedness among the tenets and their collective relationship to the achievement of optimal patient/family outcomes.

  • Our History

    View our timeline in pdf format.Since 1989, Cincinnati Children’s has dedicated human and financial resources to support Shared Governance decision making. A hallmark of shared governance at Cincinnati Children’s is our constant attention to ensuring that clinicians are involved in decision making at all levels of the organization that affect their practice. View our timeline
  • Our Structure

    View our structure in pdf format.

    The nursing structure provides the framework for nurses to govern and make decisions regarding their professional practice, education and inquiry. In addition to decision making, the structure supports the dissemination of information to and from Points Of Care, Clusters and Divisional Nursing councils. View our structure