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    Ophthalmology Programs and Services.

    Nothing is more precious than your child’s sight. A pediatric eye disease, condition or injury can have a severe effect on your entire family’s quality of life. Thankfully, we offer a range of services that can help you and your child achieve the best possible outcome.

    Pediatric Services

    The Division of Pediatric Ophthalmology serves as a referral center for all significant pediatric eye disease and trauma cases in the Greater Cincinnati region. Learn about the range of care services we offer.

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  • Adult Strabismus

    We are the region’s largest provider of adult strabismus eye care. Learn about our specialists’ expertise in helping adults manage this condition.

    > Adult Strabismus
  • Abrahamson Pediatric Eye Institute (APEI)

    Learn how the APEI strives to fulfill its mission: wiping out preventable blindness in children.

    > APEI
  • Vision Rehabilitation Program

    The Cincinnati Children's Vision Rehabilitation Program provides children who have uncorrectable, permanent visual impairment, access to the visual environment.

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