• Patient Testimonial

    The following is a testimonial from an Orthopaedic Sports Center patient, Jillian Hassel:

    I wasn’t really surprised when I was told I needed surgery to reconstruct my ACL and meniscus. When my injury occurred, and I heard and felt my knee ligament tear in half, I realized surgery would be part of my near future.

    The thought of surgery didn’t scare me – it was the only way to get back into the routine of my life, especially resuming varsity sports at my high school. 

    I was going to miss conditioning and practices for soccer, swimming and track. Missing out on these activities was disappointing, but I knew I could count on Dr. Parikh to repair my knee and build the foundation for me to get back to my regular activities.

    Early in the morning on the day of my surgery Dr. Parikh came to see me.  He had a no-nonsense attitude that didn’t intimidate me, but rather let me know he was someone who knew exactly what he was doing.

    Upon entering the prep room for surgery, he casually marked the damaged knee and asked if I was ready. I answered, “Yes.” Everything was calm and professional – I knew I was in good hands.

    After the surgery, and working hard in therapy, I had no reason to doubt my knee’s ability or let it hold me back from doing my best. I was able to get back to the sports I loved – better than ever.  I even competed at the Division I State Track Championship, which wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Parikh and his team.

    • Jillian Hassel, Cincinnati, age 18

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  • Jillian Hassel.