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    Focusing on Collaborative Research

    We strive to provide the most advanced care for our patients based on evidence-based medicine and ongoing research in sports medicine and surgery. And we contribute to the body of research as well; our experts present findings at national and international meetings and publish their research in top rated journals.

    Prevention of injuries is a primary focus of interdivisional collaboration with the Department of Sports Medicine laboratory and training facility.

    Working in collaboration with the Sports Medicine laboratory and training facility, we focus our research on injury prevention. How can we better diagnose athletes at risk for knee injuries, and how can we reduce their chances of injury? Our work on this topic in collaboration with Radiology at Cincinnati Children’s has led to improvements in articular cartilage, meniscal and ligament injury diagnosis using quantitative MRI.

    Unparalleled Training and Education

    Orthopaedic sports surgeons at Cincinnati Children's are also deeply involved in orthopaedic resident training. The medical students, interns, residents and fellows receive the best education on the basic and advanced skills of arthroscopic surgery, and are involved in our sports-related research. Our surgeons provide lectures and surgical skills courses that educate the next generation of healthcare providers.

    However, our commitment to education extends to patients, as well. The Family Resource Center offers family education and professional services related to specific conditions, so that patients and their families understand the unique aspects of their specific injuries or conditions. Through this collaborative, family-centered approach, we improve outcomes for our young athletes, getting them back in the game.

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