• Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

    Activities of daily living (ADL) are also called self-help or self-care activities. These activities can include everyday tasks such as dressing, self-feeding, bathing, laundry, and / or meal preparation. Sometimes adaptive equipment is needed to assist with these tasks, which can include items such as a reacher, long-handled sponge, buttonholer, rocker knife, and / or built-up spoon. 

    An occupational therapist (OC) will work with the client to address these skills and work to improve as needed. 

    Why Choose Us? 

    One reason why you should choose Cincinnati Children's Divisions of Occupational and Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation -- we have access to ADL suites at multiple locations across our hospital campuses. 

    ADL suites are furnished rooms set up to simulate a home, and may include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and / or living area.  Adaptive equipment is available to test and try out before purchasing.

    Who Can Benefit? 

    Individuals who can benefit from ADL services include:

    • Those who are not as independent as they could be with self-care
    • Those who do not have skills at an age-appropriate level
    • Those who need to relearn skills after an illness or surgery

    Location of Service

    ADL training is available at all Cincinnati Children's locations. ADL suites are located at our Main (Burnet) Campus, and the Cincinnati Children's Drake neighborhood location

  • Buttoning a shirt is one example of a daily activity that occupational therapists can work on with patients if needed.

    Buttoning a shirt is one example of a daily activity that occupational therapists can work on with patients if needed. 

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    We have a reputation for using the latest therapeutic approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our specialized programs range from aquatic therapy to vestibular rehabilitation.

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