Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation

  • Patient Stories

    Within the Divisions of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation, our staff has worked with patients recovering from strokes, brachial plexus surgery, brain injuries and more. And since we know families find comfort in knowing they are not alone, Cincinnati Children's launched a storytelling project that records people talking, in their own words, about how Cincinnati Children's has somehow touched their lives. 

    While no two patients face the same medical journey the same way, their stories of inspiration and hope may resonate with you. Read more and watch videos below.

  • Dillon and the Lokomat

    Dillon Rosenlieb.

    Dillon Rosenlieb is one of several patients featured in our Tell Me a Story video series. Doctors hope the Lokomat, a machine that suspends Dillon over a treadmill and guides his movements with computer-controlled braces, will help train his muscles and his mind to do the real thing on his own.

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