• A photo of Raouf Amin.

    Raouf S. Amin, MD The Hubert and Dorothy Campbell Chair of Pediatric Pulmonology 513-636-6771

    A photo of Ronald Bukovic.
    A photo of Barbara Chini.

    Barbara Chini, MD Director, Pulmonary Fellowship Program 513-636-6771

    A photo of William D. Hardie.
    A photo of Karen McDowell.

    Karen M. McDowell, MD Director, Infant Pulmonary Function Lab 513-636-6771

    A photo of Gary Lewis McPhail.

    Gary Lewis McPhail, MD Cystic Fibrosis Center Director, Division of Pulmonary Medicine 513-636-6771

    A photo of Hemant Sawnani.

    Hemant Sawnani, MD Member, Division of Pulmonary Medicine 513-636-6771

    No photo available
    A photo of Robert Wood.

    Robert E. Wood, PhD, MD Director, Pulmonary Bronchoscopy Department 513-636-6771

    No photo available

    Marsha L. Blount, MSN, APRN, CNP Nurse Practitioner, Division of Pulmonary Medicine 513-803-0375

    No photo available

    Janice S. MacBrair, RN, APRN, CNP Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Home Ventilator Program 513-636-9842


    Sarah H. Thomas, MSN, APRN, PNP-AC Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Transitional Care Center 513-636-4459

    A photo of Mark Washam.

    Mark A. Washam, RRT, MSN, CNP (FNP) Nurse Practitioner-APRN Inpatient, Division of Pulmonary Medicine 513-803-1203

    No photo available

    Susan F. Fabe, MSW, LSW Social Worker II, Division of Social Services 513-636-7462

    A photo of Andrea O'Brien.

    Andrea L. O'Brien, PhD, MSW, LSW Social Worker II, Division of Social Services 513-636-3880

    No photo available

    Lea Seals, RD Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapy 513-636-9845