Pain Management

  • Acute and Chronic Pain Services

    Pain Management Programs and Services.

    The Division of Pain Management at Cincinnati Children's is organized to provide the best possible pain care for infants, children and young adults. Since the needs of children with acute pain can differ from those of children with chronic pain, we offer a range of specialty services to address specific individual needs.

    Explore our services, including the Acute Pain Service for children at Cincinnati Children’s who have medical or surgical conditions that cause pain.

    Learn more about the Acute Pain Service at Cincinnati Children's >>

  • Procedural Management Program

    Provides sedation and anesthesia for painful tests such as bone marrow aspirations and lumbar punctures. We work closely with other divisions and programs to make sure each child gets treatment with the least discomfort and fear possible.> READ MORE
  • Pain Management Clinic

    Cincinnati Children's provides the Pain Management Clinic for children and young adults who have long-term pain problems.

  • Regional Anesthesia Program

    The ability to make a selected part of the body numb for a period of time can be a great advantage after some surgeries. Our regional anesthesia service can help your child better manage both pain and the side effects of anesthesia.> READ MORE