• Spiritual Support

    Cincinnati Children’s chaplains are here to support and attend to the diverse spiritual needs, practices and expressions of all patients and their families.

    Our chaplains are available to serve you through:

    • Visiting and prayer
    • Encouragement and comfort
    • Offering communion, baptism and anointing of the sick
    • Discussing concerns about  procedures or decisions
    • Discussing with you the meaning and effects of advance directives
    • Reading scripture or other important texts with you
    • Regularly scheduled worship services

    If you have specific religious needs or requests, please ask for assistance. Our chaplains will be able to connect you with local clergy to assist you.

  • There are three chapels open 24 hours a day for prayer and reflection. The chapels are on the concourse (first floor):

    • Meditation Room, Location B
    • Chapel of the Holy Child, Location A
    • Multifaith Chapel, Location A

    Regularly scheduled worship services offered in Location A chapels include:

    • Roman Catholic Mass
      Tuesdays at noon
    • Prayer Service 
      Wednesdays at noon
    • Roman Catholic Communion Service 
      Thursdays at noon
    • Muslim prayer service 
      Fridays at 1:30 pm
    • Other services coordinated upon request

    Bibles, Korans and other devotional literature are available upon request. Call Pastoral Care at 513-636-4376 or ask your nurse to page the chaplain on call.

    If you wish, a chaplain will contact your clergy or congregation to inform them of your child’s hospitalization. Clergy from your congregation are welcome to visit at any time.

    Chaplains are available 24 hours a day.

    To reach a chaplain 8:30 am-4 pm Monday-Friday, call Pastoral Care at 513-636-4376.

    To reach a chaplain on evenings, weekends, or holidays, ask a staff member to page the chaplain on call, or dial the operator and ask the operator to page the chaplain on call.

  • Bereavement Support

    The Bereavement Team wishes to assist you with the grief that accompanies the death and dying of a loved one.