• Meet the Team

    The Division of Pathology is home to specialists with a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of focus. As a team, this diversity makes us better prepared to care for your child’s unique needs. Learn more about our faculty.

  • A photo of David Witte.

    David P. Witte, MD Director, Pathology 513-636-4261

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    A photo of Margaret Collins.
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    Richard L. McMasters, MD Staff Pathologist, Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 513-636-4261

    A photo of Joel Mortensen.

    Joel E. Mortensen, PhD Director, Diagnostic Infectious Diseases Testing Laboratory (Microbiology and Virology) 513-636-5310

    A photo of Lindsey Romick-Rosendale.

    Lindsey E. Romick-Rosendale, PhD Director, Metabolomics Core Facility, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 513-803-2765

    A photo of Kenneth Setchell.

    Kenneth D. Setchell, PhD Director, Mass Spectrometry Lab 513-636-4548

    A photo of Jerzy Stanek.
    A photo of Paul Steele.

    Paul E. Steele, MD Medical Director, Clinical Laboratory 513-636-4898

    A photo of Keith Stringer.
    A photo of Peter Tang.

    Peter H. Tang, PhD Director, Special Chemistry 513-636-3357

    A photo of Dehua Wang.

    Dehua Wang, MD Staff Pathologist, Department of Pathology 513-636-4261

    A photo of Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp.

    Kathryn A. Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD Director, Residency Research Program 513-803-0239