Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Inpatient Services

    Our inpatient rehabilitation unit has 10 private and two semi-private rooms, therapy gyms, an inpatient school classroom and Child Life activity centers. We also help kids get back to their routines through community outings and school visits. Additional on-site services include radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, ophthalmology, vascular access team, audiology, dental, behavioral medicine, adolescent medicine, the Perlman Center and multiple other subspecialties.

    We offer medical and nursing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a state-of-the-art facility. Our therapy programs are available Monday through Saturday.

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    Types of Services Provided

    The inpatient program provides acute, intermediary and consultative rehabilitation services, including:

    • Management of complex healthcare needs
    • Identification and coordination of meeting rehabilitation goals, outcomes and individualized care plans
    • Collaboration with other specialists in designing, implementing and monitoring treatment plans for achieving desired patient outcomes for both medical and psychological needs    
    • Coordination of the admission and discharge processes
    • Enhancement and facilitation of:
      • Activities of daily living   
      • Physical strength and mobility
      • Communication and cognition
      • Social interaction
      • Bowel / bladder management
    • Psychological adjustment and behavioral concerns of both patient and caregivers  
    • Management of wound / skin care
    • Nutritional assessment and management
    • Pharmacological interventions and monitoring
    • Assessment and identification of financial resources
    • Education of healthcare needs and resources
    • Integration of play and leisure into the hospital admission
    • Continuation of school services during the hospital admission
    • Coordination of integration back into the school or arrangement of appropriate school services
    • Coordination of services for re-integration into the community of their choice
    • Initiation of vocational integration
    • Education regarding prevention including prevention of further disability, medical complications and adverse events.
    • Application and acquisition of necessary adaptive devices and assistive technology
    • Application of program data and feedback for continuous process improvement
    • Provision of outpatient physiatry and rehabilitation nursing services
    • Referral to appropriate and convenient outpatient therapy services

    Frequency of Services

    Our program is committed to providing a minimum of three hours a day of therapeutic services during a six-day week for each person in the acute portion of the program. Our services include, but are not limited to:

    Case management, Child Life, holistic health, neuropsychology, nutrition, OT, PT, psychology, rehabilitation physicians and nursing, school re-entry, school services, social services, speech therapy and therapeutic recreational therapy.

    We provide other services on a consultative basis to meet the functional outcomes of the person served.

    Limits of Services

    Critical medication drips requiring titration are not accepted on this unit. Patients with fresh tracheotomies must have their first trach tube change prior to transfer to the Rehab Unit. Any newly acquired assisted ventilation needs will be assessed by the pulmonary and rehab teams for appropriate triage.

    Payer Sources / Fees

    We accept all commercial insurance plans as well as many HMO / PPO plans. However, Pediatric Rehabilitation is a specialty service and may require authorization for an inpatient stay. Our care manager and social worker will assist you in ensuring that this step is covered. During your stay, we will provide you with a disclosure statement of anticipated fees to assist in planning for expenses.

    All patients and families have the right to equal access to healthcare services. Therefore, no patient or family member will be discriminated against based on financial limitations. Our financial counselors and social worker will assist you in exploring all possible resources available for financial assistance.

    Referral Sources

    While our patients are mostly from a four-state region (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia), services are provided regardless of where the patients and families live. Our care manager operates as an easy point of entry for our inpatient program.

    Inpatient Program Environment

    Our Facilities
    The Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit features 24-hour inpatient care in a state-of-the-art facility. We house patients in 10 private and two semi-private rooms. Each room has a sofa that pulls out into a bed for a parent or caregiver to spend the night. We also have whirlpools and specialized showers for bathing, as well as a large family space for social activities, age-appropriate playrooms and leisure activities.

    In addition to living quarters, our facility features a suite that replicates the home environment. Patients can practice everyday tasks, such as dressing and independent bathing, in preparation for their return home.

    Educational Services
    Our team takes your child’s education seriously, and we offer a number of resources to meet every patient’s educational needs. We conduct programs at the bedside or in a classroom setting and use computer-assisted technology. Our teachers develop a structured program to meet your child’s individual needs. Advocates work on your child’s behalf to coordinate inpatient schoolwork with your child’s class.

    As you and your child prepare to return home after a stay with us, you may have concerns about transitioning back into everyday life. Our staff works with you to make your transition from hospital to home as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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