• Fairfield Primary Care Clinic

    The Fairfield Primary Care Clinic offers primary pediatric care for children from birth through adolescence, whether your child is sick, needs shots or just a check-up. Your child may be seen by a physician or a nurse practitioner.  

    The clinic is at 3050 Mack Road in Butler County, behind Mercy Fairfield Hospital. Click here for a map and driving directions.


    Monday through Thursday

    8 am-8 pm


    8 am-5 pm
    Saturday-Sunday 9 am-1 pm

    Nurse phone line

    24 hours a day, 513-636-8259, option 3
  • Raising a Healthy Child

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    • Provide great medical care for your child
    • Help keep your child up to date on immunizations (shots / vaccines)
    • Help support children with chronic illnesses like asthma and ADHD
    • Keep on schedule, and let you know about any delays that may occur
    • Get regular check-ups for your child.
    • Bring any medications your child is taking to your appointment.
    • Choose a regular doctor.
    • Be on time for our appointments.
    • Cancel appointments ahead of time.
    • Care for your child’s healthcare needs:
      • Regular check-ups
      • Sick visits
      • Immunizations (shots / vaccines)
      • Manage the care of chronic illness
    • Track your child’s progress as he or she grows 
    • Answer your questions about: 
      • Parenting issues
      • Behavior and discipline
      • Nutrition 
    • Support you and your family: 
      • Getting your child ready for school
      • Working to create a healthy lifestyle
      • Making your home safe

    Why Do I Need to Choose a Doctor?

    • It allows you and your family to develop a bond with a doctor.
    • The doctor can get to know your child and your family. 

    How Do I Choose a Doctor?

    • Talk with family and friends about doctors they recommend.
    • Think about what you liked about the doctors you have seen in the past. Choose a doctor you feel has those qualities.
    • Ask yourself: Is it easy to talk to this doctor? 

    Will I Always Get to See the Doctor I Choose?

    • Every effort is made to schedule with your child’s regular doctor at your request.
    • Resident teaching clinic – The PPCC is a teaching clinic. Your child may be seen by qualified doctors in training who are supervised by attending physicians.

    Children need to see a doctor at certain times in their lives. Make sure to schedule an appointment for your child when he or she is:

    • Newborn
    • 2 months old
    • 4 months old
    • 6 months old
    • 9 months old
    • 12 months old
    • 15 months old
    • 18 months old
    • 2 years old
    • After your child is 2, schedule yearly check-ups. 

    You will receive a reminder phone call for scheduled appointments.

    • Social workers − Help patients and their families deal with concerns about an illness or disorder and help families find resources to support optimal health. Learn more.
    • Nutritionists − Make sure all patients are getting proper nutrition. Learn more.
    • Child Life specialists − Work with children to promote normal growth and development and support patients and their families during challenging procedures in clinic. Learn more.
    • Legal Aid − Helps promote children’s health and well-being by resolving legal problems. Learn more about our Child Health-Law Partnership Program.
    • Asthma care coordinators
    • Mental health providers

    You can get a ride to clinic with a medical card by calling two business days ahead:

    • Amerigroup: 1-866-277-8958
    • Caresource: 1-866-419-8419
    • Molina: 1-866-642-9279
    • Ohio Medicaid: 513-946-1000

    Call us with your questions or concerns.  

    Phone: 513-636-8259, option 3: 

    • Nurses are on call 24 hours a day to answer questions.
    • The nurse can get you an appointment in the Fairfield Primary Care Clinic or send you to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room, if needed.
  • Contact Us


    Call 513-636-8259 

    Option 1: Schedule, reschedule, cancel a check-up or follow-up.
    Note: We have limited availability for new patients.
    Option 2: Medication refills
    Option 3: Schedule a sick visit or speak with a nurse
    Option 4: Lab results, shot records and forms

    Option 9: All other calls