• What is forensic psychiatry?

    Forensic psychiatry is the legal application of psychiatry. It's applying psychiatry to the law in order to provide expert opinions in court. This includes evaluations rather than treatment.

    Advantages to Requesting our Services

    The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children's is able to provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluations for the courts in a timely fashion. Our forensic psychiatry evaluations will include psychological testing when necessary.

    We are able to provide appropriate psychiatric treatment referrals and disposition recommendations.

    Our forensic services are offered on an outpatient basis which significantly reduces the cost for these services.

    Evaluations can be administered on location or in our outpatient offices at Cincinnati Children's.

    Turnaround time for the final summary will be one week to two weeks for most cases.

    What Sets us Apart

    • We're leaders in child and adolescent psychiatry research.
    • We're timely. We have a turnaround time which is very competitive.
    • Our rates are competitive.
    • Our expertise is based on our clinical, research, and forensic experience.

    Contact Us

    Contact forensic psychiatry. For referrals call 513-636-8727.