• Psychiatry Inpatient Admission

    The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s acute crisis units focus on stabilizing patients, most of whom stay an average of three to five days.

    In total, our hospital has 92 inpatient beds available to serve youth ages 2-18, who are experiencing a mental health crisis. To best meet the different needs and ages of the children we care for, we have units that focus on:

    • Adolescents (12-18) with a mental / behavioral disorder
    • Youth (8-18) with both a mental / behavioral diagnosis and developmental disability
    • Young children (2-8) who have a mental / behavioral health diagnosis
    • Youth with chronic medical conditions in addition to mental health diagnosis
    • Youth with a mental health diagnosis and eating disorder such as anorexia / bulimia.

    Youth admitted for inpatient treatment could participate in various therapeutic and medical treatment programs depending on his / her personal needs. Your child's inpatient stay could include: 

  • Your child will have an opportunity to participate in daily group therapy sessions throughout his / her stay. Session topics include social skills, self-expression, coping skills, recreation and life skills. Learn more about our therapy groups.
    Our team of certified music therapists provides group and individual music therapy sessions to help your child reduce stress, feel happier and learn to better manage difficult emotions. Learn more about music therapy.
    Our occupational therapists conduct assessments to see if occupational therapy could help address difficulties completing routine tasks, interacting with peers and staff, managing frustration and mood changes and organizing thoughts for effective problem solving. Learn more about occupational therapy.
    Children and adolescents with psychiatric diagnoses often have difficulty with communication or social language use. Our speech-language pathologists provide treatment to help your child address communication problems effectively. Learn more about speech-language pathology services
    Certified Child Life specialists provide emotional, developmental and social support to patients and their families through activities, as well as through resources for age-appropriate play. Learn more about Child Life.

    We offer a specialized acute inpatient treatment program with a primary psychiatric diagnosis, along with any of the following secondary diagnoses:

    • Intellectual disabilities
    • Pervasive developmental disorders (PDD)
    • Fetal alcohol syndrome
    • Non-verbal learning disabilities
    • Autism / Asperger’s spectrum

    Learn more about our dual diagnosis program

    Our chemical dependency counselor will work hand in hand with patients and their families to address addiction or drug-abusing behaviors during their treatment stay for a co-existing psychiatric disorder. Learn more about chemical dependency education.