• Outpatient Services

    We offer outpatient services at four locations across the Cincinnati area. Our outpatient services provide a convenient treatment option for children and adolescents whose illnesses can be managed without inpatient care. Our outpatient clinics are staffed by psychiatrists, social workers, advanced practice registered nurses and psychologists. To schedule an appointment, or learn more about psychiatry outpatient services available, please call 513-636-4124.

    Our Locations

    • College Hill Campus
    • Burnet Campus (location E, second floor)
    • Liberty Campus (2nd Floor)
    • Green Township (4th Floor)

    The Post-Traumatic Healing Center

    The Post-Traumatic Healing Center provides a trauma-focused approach to helping children and families cope with child sexual, physical and emotional abuse. The center also helps children and their families address issues stemming from family and community violence, serious medical interventions and natural disasters.

    The Healing Center is committed to treating the aftereffects of a child’s traumatic experience. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists works with the entire family to treat the depression, anxiety or acting-out behavior common in children or adolescents exposed to trauma. The team works with each patient to develop healthy coping strategies for his  unique fears and post-traumatic stress.

    Therapeutic Interagency Preschool (TIP)

    The Therapeutic Interagency Preschool (TIP) provides educational and supportive services for preschool-age children (ages 3 to 5), and focuses on meeting the developmental, behavioral and safety needs of abused children.

    TIP is part of our integrated trauma-informed community model. Through the coordination of assessments, diagnoses and treatment programs, TIP is able to offer a seamless range of services that address children’s specific needs.