• Research

    The Center for Pediatric Voice Disorders at Cincinnati Children’s conducts research into a number of topics related to vocal health and voice disorders. By investigating key questions about pediatric voice disorders, we are able to provide cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment for children with a wide range of conditions.

    Patient Database

    One of our main research goals is to establish a database of patients. This allows us to follow the progression of changes in vocal quality and laryngeal function pre- and post-surgery (immediately, post-three months, post-six months, etc.). Establishing the database will allow surgeons and speech-language pathologists to discuss expected voice outcomes over time.

    Benefits of Early Intervention

    The research team is also interested in the benefits of early speech/voice intervention following airway reconstruction to decrease compensatory voicing behaviors. In a related measure, we are conducting research to examine the reliability of perceptual measures of pediatric vocal quality by expert raters

  • Otolaryngology Research

    Read about the detailed research efforts of the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery.

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