• Meet the Team

    The Upper Airway Center, part of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, is home to specialists with a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of focus. As a team, this diversity makes us better prepared to care for your child’s unique needs. Learn more about our faculty and staff.

  • A photo of Raouf Amin.

    Raouf S. Amin, MD Director, Division of Pulmonary Medicine 513-636-6771

    A photo of Stacey Ishman.

    Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH Surgical Director, Upper Airway Center 513-636-4881

    A photo of Barbara Chini.

    Barbara Chini, MD Director, Pulmonary Fellowship Program 513-636-6771

    A photo of Narong Simakajornboon.

    Narong Simakajornboon, MD Director, Sleep Disorders Center 513-636-6771

    A photo of Sally R. Shott, MD.

    Sally R. Shott, MD Pediatric Otolaryngologist 513-636-4355

    A photo of David Billmire.

    David A. Billmire, MD, FACS, FAAP Director Emeritus, Plastic Surgery 513-636-7181

    A photo of Christopher Gordon.

    Christopher B. Gordon, MD Member, Division of Plastic Surgery 513-636-7181

    A photo of Brian Pan.

    Brian S. Pan, MD Member, Division of Plastic Surgery 513-636-7181

    A photo of Robert J. Fleck.

    Robert J. Fleck, MD Radiologist, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging 513-636-9941

    A photo of Howard Saal.

    Howard M. Saal, MD, FACMG Director, Clinical Genetics 513-636-2438

    A photo of Sonya Oppenheimer.

    Sonya G. Oppenheimer, MD Pediatrician, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 513-636-4611