• Outstanding Athlete of the Month - Samonte Griffin

    Samonte Griffin is a freshman student at Aiken High School. Samonte was a member of the Varsity football season this fall where he played several positions including quarter back. Samonte has displayed commitment, support, and team spirit throughout this football season. He has worked hard on the field to improve his skills and in the classroom to maintain good grades. Samonte sustained two concussions this season and was extremely compliant throughout his recovery.  He worked hard throughout the process and even when he was not cleared to play, supported his team from the sidelines. Samonte could be counted on to report to the athletic training room when asked and complete tasks as told in order to aid in his recovery. Samonte is hard working and a great supporter of his teammates. He is currently playing basketball on the Junior Varsity team at Aiken High School. Samonte hopes to play baseball or run track this spring.  He would like to continue playing football and basketball at Aiken through his high school career. Following graduation, he intends to attend college and study culinary arts to become a chef! Good luck, Samonte!

  • Previous Outstanding Athletes

    Jake Rinear. Jake came down with a virus that caused him to be very dizzy and led to him becoming deconditioned. He was being treated by vestibular rehab as well as physical therapy. His goal was to get back to competing in cross country and baseball. When he started physical therapy, Jake couldn’t even finish a three minute run. He finished his cross country season and was able to run twelve miles without stopping. He is now considering training for the Flying Pig Marathon. Alyson Filipa, Jakes physical therapist, nominated Jake for his unbelievable hard work, his never quit attitude and his incessant drive to get better. Jake would always ask how he could do more at home to get better faster. He never used being dizzy as an excuse. Jake is a great role model for others about how hard work and determination pay off. Congrats Jake!!  
  • Samonte Griffin.

    Samonte Griffin.