• Expert Sports Medicine Care in Support of Young Athletes

    Softball player during a game. At Cincinnati Children's, our Pediatric Sports Medicine experts are focused on caring exclusively for young athletes. Here, you'll find the only program in the Midwest that offers a full spectrum of care to meet your child's needs - from performance training and concussion care to orthopaedic surgery and sports physical therapy

    To make an appointment or speak with a sports medicine staff member, call 513-636-4366 or email us at sportsmed@cchmc.org .

  • Lexi Dannemiller had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in her knees. She and her mother came to the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center for help.

  • Concussion Care

    For more information about concussions and traumatic brain injuries or to make an appointment with one of our physicians, please call 513-803-HEAD (4323).

    Learn more about how we treat concussions.

  • Research

    Our research faculty and staff are world renowned in the area of ACL injury prevention in the female athlete and on the cutting edge of new research in the areas of concussion rehabilitation, running and throwing injury prevention. In addition, our faculty has extensive research experience in patellofemoral pain, running analysis, foot mechanics, and patient reported outcomes after surgery.

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  • Athletic Training Program

    Our team physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists are involved in the treatment of athletes at the professional, collegiate, high school, recreational and club level.

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