• Dance Clinic

    Physical therapists with the Sports Medicine team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital are available for complimentary dance clinics at your dance studio for your dancers. There are two main types of services that are offered; a dance injury clinic or a pre-pointe evaluation clinic. For the dance injury clinic, a team of sports medicine physical therapists are available for a 15 minute individualized musculoskeletal examination that will help to identify current injuries or areas of concern. Second, a team of sports medicine physical therapists are available to conduct a 30 minute pre-pointe evaluation to determine if your dancer is physically ready to initiate pointe work. The purposes of these services are to ensure the physical safety and well-being of your child as they participate in dance.

    What dancers would benefit from the clinics?

    Dance Injury Clinic:

    • Dancers with a current or previous injury
    • Dancers looking for performance enhancement such as increased jumping ability or improved turn out
    • Dancers and parents looking for a preventative injury plan such as ACL injury prevention, stress fractures, overuse injuries, etc

    Pre-Pointe Evaluation Clinic:

    • Dancers who have not yet started pointe work who are trying to determine if they are physically ready to initiate pointe work
    • If the dancer is not physically ready to initiate pointe work, suggestions will be made as to how they can improve upon their areas of weakness

    Backed by years of research and continuing education programs, our physical therapists will be able to provide a comprehensive and collaborative evidence-based treatment plan specific to the problems or areas of concern identified during the examination. During the dance injury clinic, the therapist will determine if your child requires examination by an orthopedic/sports medicine physician; ongoing physical therapy treatment (which may require a referral from a physician); or if your child would benefit from a structured home exercise program that can be progressed as the child progresses. During the pre-pointe evaluation clinic, the physical therapist will determine if you are physically ready to initiate pointe work, first need continued training in specific areas prior to initiation of pointe work, or if it is not physically safe to participate in pointe work. Please contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.

  • Schedule a Clinic

    To schedule a dance injury clinic at your studio, please contact Aly Filipa, PT, DPT, MS, SCS, CSCS at 513-803-9978 or send an email to alyson.filipa@cchmc.org.